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Pure Rustic Beauty

If you really want to experience the beauty of the South African bush accompanied by every comfort, this is the place! Cheryl and her very welcoming staff are pros at making one feel special and cater to every need. But it truly is the unique wild landscape, full of blossoming aloes, that makes one not want to ever leave.
There are clever "reveals"- when approaching the cottages, they look like green gardeners' sheds, but then one enters to find a beautifully appointed space complete with flowering aloes hand embroidered on the bed coverlet. Open the door to the covered stoep and the view over the valley is breath-taking. The property backs onto a nature reserve- bring your binoculars to see rhinos, giraffe and other animals grazing in the distance.
The abundant food is delicious- be sure to dine one night in the wine cellar. The library with its fireplace is perfect for chilly weather or just to relax and browse the abundant books.
Three Tree Hill makes every effort to be enviro-friendly and to use the skills of local people.
We stayed for 3 nights and would have happily stayed longer. Treat yourself to Three Tree Hill-- you won't regret it.


Toronto, Canada

Perfectly Magical Faraway Cottage

Magnificent mountain setting, first class accommodation, superb meals, attention to detail in every aspect of the visitor experience. For the nature lover this is indeed the most stunning setting. Busy bird life, adjacent game reserve viewed from our Burchell's cottage verandah, delightful wild flowers and marvellous hiking trails.
Unfortunately, the receptionist on duty accepted payment from our guests for a portion of the stay contrary to our explicitly written instructions that we were hosting the entire stay at Three Tree Hill. Consequently the stay ended with a less than favorable impression of what could have been a most spectacular stay. This did not match the first class service we expected to receive.


California, USA

Salute to the Survivors

For every tough story that makes the media headlines here or across the world, there is a good news one for South Africans, none more so from our heroes in the hospitality trade, who have experienced the most challenging times in living memory. A superstar among the gallant for their remarkable tenacity and courage are the Blackburns of Three Tree Hill Lodge, overlooking the shores of a vast Midlands lake in the lee of one of the world's most celebrated battlegrounds, Spioenkop.

My wife Cheryl and I, visited for a couple of nights this week in the company of our granddaughter, Hannah. Let me say at the outset, we are former hoteliers ourselves having founded both Hartford House and Lynton Hall on the KZN South Coast. Both made their mark in the hospitality and culinary worlds, and we appreciate the efforts people make for the pleasure of their guests.

Whatever the ravages of covid, Three Tree is in immaculate shape, their staff remain as cheerful as they ever were, completely uncowed by the challenges they've faced through the epidemic. The accommodation is marvelously appropriate for the history it celebrates, and you have to marvel at the offerings of the kitchen and a wine cellar that reminds of the mastery of winemakers to the West of us. This new addition lies at the base of a memorial library dedicated to the memory of one of South Africa's bravest activists, the late Molly Blackburn.

This is a place that demands a spiritual recall of the fortitude of their British and Boer forebears for those with an interest in the events that fortold the end of Victoria's empire, yet you might ask what families might do with their kids at a venue inspired by history lessons? Our recommendation would be to visit the website, which reminds us of the wealth of attractions of a neighborhood that has never known finer fettle. The Drakensberg and its environs have seldom experienced greater blessings in the way of rain, and there are few bushveld settings more profitable than the surprises of Spioenkop; Rhino, Giraffe, Zebra, Kudu, the Great Eland, a jolly tribe of Warthog mom and her three snorting piglets, and a birding paradise of every imaginable variety.

This is a remarkable property run by remarkable people, and you know it the moment you step into it. Do yourself a favour while international travel is under the pump. We were quite emotional as we drove out

Mick & Cheryl Goss

Midlands, South Africa

This is Africa...WOW.

This is Africa…WOW.. we totally loved this beautiful place , despite the somewhat challenging drive up to it. Melanie and her delightful staff were wonderful, amazing food, great drinks, very clean and comfortable. We stayed in a beautiful lodge with our own viewing deck with a stunning view over the hills. Incredibly peaceful, the history of Spionkop is all around. It is so worth the drive, we were sad to only have booked 24 hours there, will definitely return.
Put it on your list!


Devon, United Kingdom

Everything was just perfect. Amazing hosts. Excellent food. Brilliant rooms with a stunning view.


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Perfect lodge! Such a homely atmosphere! Loved every minute of it! Especially loved the history talk!!! Thank You!

Monique La Meyer

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Absolute heaven on Earth ... a beautiful getaway for the whole family ❤

Shana Giessing

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