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Straight from the horses mouth...

Posted by Cheryl on Wed July 26, 2023 in Experiences.

The SA Boerperd is a true South African breed & its lineage can be traced back to 1652.

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Revealing some misconceptions

Posted by Cheryl on Mon June 26, 2023 in History.

Join Dr Robert (Rob) Davidson at the National Army Museum as he reveals some misconceptions about the Spioenkop Campaign.

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Access Road Upgraded

Posted by Cheryl on Sun February 26, 2023 in General.

Access road now has tarmac surface (apart from the last 5km) & a concrete sidewalk!

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Career Opportunities at Three Tree Hill - November 2022

Posted on Mon October 10, 2022.

We are looking for the following person (or people, if a couple suits the position)
Battlefield Adventure Guide
Horse Trail & MTB Guide
Lodge Hospitality Manager
Maintenance Supervisor

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Women in Wine Business

Posted by Cheryl on Sat November 20, 2021 in Food & Wine.

“I get most satisfaction from waking up and being an inspiration to many other young people who might think their background cannot be associated with success. My advice is don't be scared to start something different, don't wait to know how everything will take place for you to be convinced to start. Just begin and let other people see you doing it first, especially if it’s a little different.”

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