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Access Road Upgraded

Posted by Cheryl on Sun February 26, 2023 in General.

Access road now has tarmac surface (apart from the last 5km) & a concrete sidewalk!

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Sad Goodbye to our loyal, furry friends…

Posted by Cheryl on Fri July 20, 2018 in General.

This month was a very sad month in our pet department. We bid a very sad goodbye to Nim & Farrison. Both so loyal, so loving. REST IN PEACE beautiful souls. You will be missed by all!

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SA Gin collection grows

Posted by Cheryl on Sat June 9, 2018 in General.

Three Tree Hill has not been able to resist the fabulous selection of South African Craft Gins available in the country. We now have a collection of 25 gins, only South African, of course. Try some with a splash of bitters, others with a zest of grapefruit, some with a sprig of rosemary & even one with a cardamom pod. Best enjoyed on the rocks, without a tonic mixer.

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