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Exciting new development for Sakhile Centre of Learning

Posted on Sat May 5, 2018.

Sometimes in life, one just has to be patient.

If you always give, you will always get.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

These three statements above epitomise our journey at the learning centres…

Two years ago, a Dutch couple visited Three Tree Hill during their South African holiday. They visited Sakhile Centre of Learning in the Amazizi rural village neighbouring Royal Natal Drakensberg Park. They were so moved by Elijah Mbonane (founding partner of Legacy of GraceSA) and his village tour that they decided to leave a lasting legacy for the people in this community. It has taken two years to work out the finances & planning, but now things seem to have come together. Together with Community Architect Kevin Kimwelle we will be building a new, improved school for these children. Kevin has a unique talent and passion for creating and building beautiful structures to bring together sustainability and ethical design to his projects. This movement forward in the school’s future is due to these generous donors who see the bright future of our Sakhile kids for their education and future endeavors. The 5-year project aims to be completed by 2022.