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Three Tree Hill Stories - Page 4

Dutch Boerenkaas made to perfection

Posted on Sat May 13, 2017.

Love getting to know where our food comes from and how it is made. At Three Trees we feel that it is very important to meet your suppliers & find out where your products really come from. Supporting small local businesses in the area really means that you are investing in a long term, sustainable future.Authentic style Dutch cheese crafted in Greytown (which happens to be on the school run..) that only uses the finest, freshest raw natural ingredients to produce this fine Gouda style boerenkaas.

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Tonic on Tour…

Posted on Thu April 20, 2017.

Tonic on tour…. these cats really do live an adventurous life. Tonic was quite relaxed in the vehicle until the summit of Spioenkop when Ron started his introduction. Out he stepped, rubbing himself along the edge of the memorial ready for the talk!

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Explore Bushmen Rock Art at Royal Natal

Posted on Wed April 5, 2017.

Out and about exploring rock paintings in the mountains with local guide Hlengi, employed by Siyapambili tours ( Elijah Mbonane founder) at Royal Natal National Park – 60km from Three Trees. Guests from Three Trees can arrange a picnic with the lodge before driving themselves to the park. A fairly short walk (approximately 40 minutes) to the overhang where the paintings can be seen. The interpretation makes the experience well worth while, even though the site has been vandalised in the past.

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Gin & Tonic (of a different kind….!)

Posted on Mon March 20, 2017.

Gin & Tonic are 2 ginger rescue-cats that were given to us by a neighbour. These are no ordinary cats! At 9 weeks old, Tonic has decided to join us on a game walk through the reserve. Sticking with us, not venturing far at all, she kept up the whole way.

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Magic Faraway Tree

Posted on Sun February 5, 2017.

Brent has been hard at work creating a beautiful, peaceful spot to enjoy nature along one of our Walking Trails. We have strung up a 2-seater swing underneath a giant, old Acacia tree that looks out over the Spioenkop Dam & Drakensberg mountains in the distance. Only 600m (15 minutes) walk from the lodge. Why not ask for a packed lunch & you can enjoy an old-fashioned picnic under the tree or just go climbing, if you feel the urge!

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